Looking for Rooms to Rent Manchester? Avoid Being Scammed

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Rental scams are abundant precisely because they are easy to pull off. A real landlord or an impostor can easily put up an ad for rooms which they are in no position to rent out. Rental scams are especially common in people looking for rooms to rent Manchester in a hurry, perhaps pressed by study or work relocation demands. You should be on the lookout for a scam when getting into a rental arrangement. Here is how to avoid getting scammed.

Red flags

There are some signs of a running scam that should be put you on alert:

  • Early demands for money

Being asked to put down a deposit for an apartment because many people want it is a common scam. If a potential landlord is asking for a deposit for an unseen apartment, insist on seeing it first. If there are any excuses as to why it is not possible, that is a sure scam.

  • Very eager landlord

If the landlord is too eager for you to move in, without any kind of screening, he probably wants to get his hands on your deposit. This also applies when a landlord appears too pushy like a desperate salesman.

  • Many types of upfront fees

A scammer will want to get as much money as possible upfront and make a killing with one swoop. You will be asked for tenancy deposit, background check fees, insurance, deposit on electricity and water, and other ridiculous costs.

  • Absence of a lease agreement

Many scammers will rarely bother coming up with any kind of agreement. A common excuse is that the lawyer is not available, or the lease is being updated. Insist on seeing a long-term lease agreement or a month to month rent agreement.

  • An empty block

Scammers sometime take over a house that is under renovation, or foreclosed and show it off to unsuspecting renters. This scam is harder to point out as the scammers will claim you are the first tenant after renovation. Ensure to speak to the neighbours or nearby traders to get a feel of the story behind an empty house.

  • Very friendly prices

There is a high demand for rooms to rent Manchester which translates into high rents. If the rent is too low, there is bound to be a catch.

  • Pay in cash

The scammers Modus Operandi is strictly cash. You can pay some now if you don’t have all of it. This is a high red flag that a scam is running.