Types of Art

Artworks are a diverse range of activities people do to create visual entertainment and perspective. It is an expression of a person to the world. The process of creating art entails creating images in fields with a purpose to express skill, appreciate beauty, and appeal to emotion. Art started in the form of drawings, paintings, and architecture. It has now developed into printmaking, photography, performing arts, and other visual media.

Different Forms of Art

  • Painting

Painting is a form of art which entails applying paint or pigments to solid surfaces. You can make paints by adding different color solutions and mixing them to your desired nature. You can then apply the paint on a solid surface or canvas and make it into a figure of the desired perception. The painting has sub-categories which include; surrealism, concept art, photorealism, hyperrealism, and abstract art.

  • Drawings

Drawings are among the oldest forms of art. Drawing entails application of ink or other drawing instruments on paper, stone or other solid surfaces. Drawing is a two-dimensional medium a drawing instrument releases materials onto other surfaces leaving marks. Drawing has evolved to electronic drawing on computers and even through tattoo machines.

  • Crafting

Crafting is a form of art which involves manual effort and skill. Crafting can be done using different materials and mold them into different shapes and objects. Crafting can closely associate with sculpture art where stone and other solids can be crafted into sculptures and statues. With advancements in technology, we now have 3D printers that craft anything electronically without requiring human effort and skills.

  • Design

It entails the creation of a plan for later construction or changing appearances of certain objects. The design is a recent form of art as it relies on pre-existing art or materials and turns them into preferred art styles. The design comes in forms of fashion, industrial, graphics, and interiors. Any person can customize objects to their preferences with just a few tools and good creativity.

  • Photography

It is a form of art which uses a camera or image sensor to capture stationary and moving objects. It is considered art as it gives visual perceptions of objects or places which we would normally not notice at first glance. It has very many connotations under different fields. Photography allows editing of captured art forms for varied views.

  • Performance arts

It involves using actions to create visual art. People can use objects or other people in creating visual art through performances. Performing arts include; dances, music, opera, theatre performances, spoken word, mime, puppetry, and circus arts. It also encompasses fine art where an individual performs their works in front of a live audience.