Top Questions About Cleaning Tenancy London Services

Are you afraid of engaging cleaning tenancy London service from the fear that the price will be costly? Many people will shy away from using a cleaning service largely out of ignorance on how to engage a cleaning service and the advantages of doing so. Using a cleaning service for end of tenancy cleaning is a smart choice as it saves you time, money and is very convenient. The work is guaranteed to pass the landlord’s inspection ensuring you get your tenancy deposit back in time. Here are some of the questions that are usually asked by people looking for cleaning services.

Do I have to buy cleaning detergents?

A cleaning service will usually include labour, equipment and cleaning material costs in the price quoted. You don’t have to buy the cleaning materials separately. However, if you need to use special cleaning products such as ‘green’ products, you can buy and hand them to the cleaning crew. You will also have to pay the parking fees for the cleaning crew.

How is the billing done?

Most cleaning services charge by square foot of the house, and the number of big items to be cleaned as well. Unlike the usual general cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning is more comprehensive and takes longer. This is why it would be inadvisable to pay per hour.

Is deposit required?

The high competition among Cleaning Tenancy London services has led many of them to do away with deposit requirement. However, they will sometimes ask for a deposit when the job is big and requires the cleaning service to use more than usual. The usual requirement is 10%.

What is not handled by a cleaning service?

Different cleaning services have different off-limits lists. These are tasks that would require handling hazardous materials. Some will not wash upholstery and carpets, while others will not work on the external walls. It is good to ask about a cleaning services’ off-limits list before hiring.

Will they clean the kitchen?

While the kitchen requires more work, it is also included in the task list during end of tenancy cleaning.

Do I have to physically present during cleaning?

Convenience is one of the reasons why you hire a cleaning service. This means that the cleaning can be done even if you are not present. All you have to do is arrange for the cleaning crew to pick up the key and bring it back after the cleaning is over. But the cleaning crew will usually have no problem with the owner being present as long as they can do their work uninterrupted.